Our menu

A variety of authentic Spanish dishes as representative of the Kansai region.
Carefully selected ingredients such as fresh fish shipped directly from Sukumo,
Kochi and fresh vegetables from all over Japan are used by the owner Chef who has been awarded the "Naniwa no Meiko 2011"
award (an award given to preeminent technicians by Osaka government).
Please enjoy authentic Spanish dishes he puts his heart and soul into making.

Primer Plato

All prices exclude tax.
Highest quality Spanish Iberian ham
¥3,400   Jamon iberico

Among the highest quality Iberian ham, bellota, we use the pieces our owner has carefully selected. Please enjoy the harmony of fatty and lean meat spreading in your mouth.

Char-grilled cold vegetables
¥1,800  Escalivada

After slowly charcoal grilling, we cooled onions, eggplants, bell peppers then added some anchovy. Please mix a portion of anchovy you like and taste it.

Chicory and blue cheese salad
 Ensalada de endivia ¥1,500

A vegetable with slightly bitter and soothing “chicory,” and Spanish blue cheese was used to add a creamy accent. It goes perfect with Spanish sparkling wine.

Small shrimps boiled in garlic oil
 Gambas al ajillo ¥950

Using high quality olive oil, small shrimps were simmered and boiled with garlic! You can taste the shrimp flavor even in the oil for a lasting deliciousness.

Mussels steamed with white wine
 Mejillones al vapor ¥1,400

Plenty of mussels were steamed simply with white wine. You can enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredient as it is.

Castīlla style garlic soup
 Sopa de ajo Castellana 900円

In a chicken stock soup, we added garlic, chopped raw ham, bread, then boiled and completed it with eggs. It is our popular soup.

Segundo Plato
~Main dishes~

Squid filled and boiled in squid ink
 Calameres en su tinta ¥2,300

Squid filled with squid legs, eggs, and vegetables, then boiled in squid ink and red wine. Many repeaters order this dish. 。

Many kinds of shrimps grilled using rock salt
 Langostinos a la sal ¥3,800

We bake recommended shrimps of the day such as “Angel Prawns,” shrimp with clear sweetness, and “Scampi shrimp,” shrimp with a refined, delicious body, etc. When you peel off the crisp skin, you will find juicy and fresh textured shrimp! It’s a dish where you must say, simple is best…!! Please enjoy it with Andalusia’s sherry wine. (content will change based on market price)

Chocolate flavored quail
 Codorniz con chocolate 3,200円

It is not a sweet sauce although chocolate flavor is used.

Oven baked sea beam
 Besugo al horno ¥4,200

Eaten in Spain at special home parties, etc. Slowly baked in an oven, please enjoy a light and fluffy texture and refined sweetness of the ingredients.


Chef’s Pick
-Today’s recommendation by the Chef-

Spanish seafood stew
Zarzuela de mariscos

Glamorous like Zarzuela=Opera, it is a dynamic stew with various luxury ingredients. With mashed almond flavor added, please try out the deep taste of Spain!

~Pasta/Paella/Rice dishes~

Pasta Paella
 Fideua Price per portion ¥1,900*Minimum order: two portions

We were the first restaurant in Japan to introduce pasta Paella. It is a secretly popular menu with rice cooked in stock full of seafood deliciousness. Try it with our alhòli sauce.

Valencia style Paella
 Paella Valenciana Price per portion ¥1,900
*Minimum order: two portions

Traditional Valencian Paella from the land where Paella originated. Plenty of ingredients such as rabbit, snails and white kidney beans are in it.

Alicante style seafood Paella
 Paella Alicantina  Price per portion ¥2,200  *Minimum order: two portions

Seafood Paella using plenty of ingredients such as scampi shrimps, Angel Prawns, mussels, clams, and white fish.